Being fourth to enter the market was by itself an incentive to do things radically different; by providing the best customer care and the most advanced call center in Liberia. We challenge ourselves to always offer the very best promotions at the most affordable prices appealing to all walks of Liberian life.
We engraved our fingerprints in the Liberian social life with our extensive social investments. We extended hands to the young generation by sponsoring football teams and supporting schools.
We listened to the remote farmers and supported them with their land in “back to the land” promotions. Throughout our operational course we had the best interest of the Liberian at the core of our business. State of the art customer service and latest products and services with the best competitive prices.
In January 2012, WAT launched the 4G/LTE network services covering the Greater Monrovia with a plan to cover all of the Liberian providing the fastest speed with 150 Mbit/s download and upload. In September 2013 WAT introduced the 4G+ network and the download speed increased from 150 to 300 Mbit/s;